Welcome to the Racing League!

What can we do for you as a fellow sim racer

We offer friendly and fair racing in Assetto Corsa Competizione through the use of championships in various classes and spur of the moment one of races. Our group consist of sim racers of all skill levels. We pride ourselves on the friendly atmosphere and fair racing during our races. For this reason, we won’t tolerate any other behaviour that doesn’t fall into what has been mentioned previously.

Our community reflects this same attitude, social, friendly and open to anyone who shares the same values.

Our website is fully automated and results from practice, qualifying and race sessions are automatically updated once a session has finished. We use Discord as our primary way of communicating within our community. 

What can you do for us?

If you share our values than you’re more than welcome to join the friendly bunch of people that the Racing League consists of. We do have to emphasize that we have a zero tolerance policy on any form of toxic behaviour either on or off track.

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